Complete Guide to Breast Enlargement Pumps

Everyone wants to look perfect, but without any side effects right! So we are here to provide you some safe breast enlargement gadgets that will surely increase your breast size and that will be completely safe. We are sure . Question arise in your mind if these pumps do not produce hormones than how they are effective right! But when you apply tension on your breast they will enhance the blood circulation and increase breast tissue which results in bigger, rounded and fuller breasts.

Breast enlargement pumps are very easy and best to use and it does not have any side effect like other pills or surgery that can be used for breast enlargement. These pumps basically used to expand tissues of the breast by applying suction to breast tissue. This suction promotes the growth and blood flow by stretching the tissue of the breast these pumps expands the memory gland which is responsible to produce new cells to enhance breast size.

Breast Enlargement Pumps

While choosing breast enlargement pumps be practical in deciding how much time you can spend on pumping. There are pumps that can operate manually and electrically. If you choose electrical pump you have to wore this for 12 hours but if you choose manually pump it can create greater amount of vacuum force in a shorter period of time.

Tips before Using Breast Enlargement Pumps:

Look..before buying these pumps make sure you have much time to spend because these take too much time. once you start doing pumping technique don’t stop in the midway because these pumps stretch the tissue and the skin and if you stop after just few days it does not give you proper results.

There are various pumps available in market but only few that work best .So before buying any pump just do proper research on the gadget.

Breast enlargement pumps are safe but some time you feel red rings around your breasts this is because of applying too much vacuum pressure. So before using these pumps it is important to follow their rules because your breasts are very delicate.

Types of Breasts Enlargement Pumps:

Those women who looking forward to enhance their breast size than they choose a right way because these pumps help women to give even out uneven breasts, increase several cup sizes and plump up sagging breasts.


This pump consist of just 3 parts

Noogleberry Breast Enlargement Pump


This pump comes with 2 cups that is of different sizes you can wear accordingly according to your breast size.

Manual hand pump:

A suction pump is attached with this system which is manually suck air out of the cups by applying pressure


These play a mail role it ties the whole system together.

How it works:

Choose cups according to your breast size and place over your breast. Then press the manually hand pump until you feel pressure. This pumping machine creates a vacuum which is helpful to increase blood circulation which is good of firming the breasts. Usually you start seeing results in 12 weeks.

How to do Breast Massage for Growth

Electric Breast Pump:

This pump also known as Bosom Beauty pump. It consist of 3 parts

Electric Breast Enlargement Pumps


These are two cups that are packed with cushion like lining that gives you much good hold and also provide suction on your breasts.

Stretch Bra Vest:

These are best to hold cups over your breast, so you can easily do your work along with these pumps.


These pumps come with 9 different power settings due to which you can enhance your breast tissue cells quickly.

How it works:

Place cups over your breast and with the help of controller draw the air due to which it sucks and stretch your breast tissue. Bosom Beauty is advanced technology that will automatically maintain vacuum unlike other manually hand pump. It takes at least 4 to 8 weeks if you use this pump for 30 minutes each day.

Brava enhancement:

It is electronic breast enlargement system which consists of cups, electric box and bra.

Brava enhancement

How it works:

Place these large domes over your breasts these domes specifically designed with silicon seal which create vacuum. These domes attached with computer to control how much pressure release on the breasts by dome. It is recommended for 10 hours per day for 10 weeks.

Enhance Breast Enlargement System:

This is similar as Brava System, as it can be worn easily like normal bra. This device does not need any battery or also no need to get charge. It is recommended to wear for a couple hours each day for about 2 months.

Some pros and cons:


  1. These devices are more convenient, durable and affordable.
  2. You can maintained pressure accordingly because pressure plays most important role to enhance your breast tissue.
  3. Electrical pumps are easy to handle and also work while sleeping.
  4. These pumps are very effective and safe as compared to pills, surgeries.
  5. They give permanent results by growing permanent tissue. 


  1. They leave red circles due to over pumping but need not to worry they are go away after few minutes.
  2. The biggest complaint about these pumps as these is painful because they sucked your breast completely.
  3. These pumps require many hours and can be used for several hours in a day.


These pumps are very safer to use.….Yeah most of the women’s get some red lines over their breast but it is normal it takes hardly 20 minutes to go away. So keep in mind not to create too much pressure as it may lead to pain and red rings due to over pumping.

Some people start experiencing growth of the breast in first month but it is recommend that at least 6 months is must for these therapies. Most of the people also absorb that during first stage of growth your breasts will swell but after few seconds they come back to their normal stage, but as you further increase pumping time these swelling start stay at one position. Ladies this is time to get your desire breast so be happy and enjoy these techniques.

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