How to do Breast Massage for Growth

You don’t believe but it’s true that massaging is best and effective method. When you massage your breast in a proper manner you will get strong, firm, rounder and perfect size of your breast. If you are thinking of doing breast massage then we make your job easier just look below given details regarding massage How to do? What is the method? And many more answers. Massaging basically helps you to increase blood circulation which is the basic key to increase phytoestrogens and prolactin hormones.

How to do Breast Massage for Growth

What you need to do:

When you choose massaging technique for your breast size, you have to learn correct way to do, because the wrong way may decreases your breast size. So be careful!

Step 1:

You can use some heat packs to warm your busts as it may increases blood circulation .one more thing you can do just rub your hands so that they warm . Adopt this process before you start doing massage.

Step 2:

Place your warm hand over your breast in such a way that your right hand goes over your right breast and left breast goes over your left breast.

Breast Massage Techniques

Step 3:

Start massaging you’re boos in circular motion in such a way that your breast going in a circular motion, but keep in mind do not stimulate your nipples. Make sure either you rotate your hand in “clockwise direction” for left breast and in “Counterclockwise direction” for right breast or in downward motion towards the heart starting from middle breast.

Step 4:

Fix an aim to do at least 200-300 full circles. If you don’t does this much start with lower number and then gradually increase the number of rotations. Keep in mind while doing massage is gentle for your breast as they are made up of soft tissues.

Different Type of Massage

Chi Massage:

In this method spread your hand over your breast in such a way that your fingers cover your breast except nipples. You can also use oil or any breast enhancement cream. Massages your breast in circular motion makes sure always move your hands in an inward direction for best results. Try to do 180-300 cycles twice in a day.

Fat Transfer Massage:

This technique is also known as fat skin brushing massage and we have very famous personality name Chiyomillk’s who is a Japanese women. She increase her breast cup size from A to E in just 3 years isn’t it sound cool! If she does why not you right! Before starting massage just rub your hands to warm them and start sweeping the fat from the upper arms, armpits and from waist towards breast. You can also use oil like coconut not only they can massage properly but also moisturize your breast.

Lymph Draining Massage:

When you massage your lymph nodes properly it will help to give you essential hormones that are useful for breast enlargement. In this technique normally put your hands under armpits and slightly pump in upward direction which may promote estrogen hormones.

Breast Slapping Technique:

As its name suggest it is related to slapping…..means we have to slap our breast ….ooouuuch sound weird right! But it really works. In this technique you have to slap or squeeze fat from area that is around your breast including belly area, upper chest. Repeat this process only for 10 minutes. It is little bit painful technique.

You can also use different oil and cream while massaging:

PM cream (Pueraria Mirifica):

If you use this oil it may increase 80% of your breast because it contain miroestrol ,deoxymiroestrol, and genistein . These phytoestrogens balance hormone level in females. Pueraria Mirifica is commercially available; you can use 250 mg daily for massaging.

Wheat Germ Oil:

Wheat Germ Oil can be used for breast enlargement as this oil provides proper nourishment and oxygen which is helpful for proper metabolism. Wheat Germ Oil is also rich source of vitamin E which increase blood flow level and prevent your breast from sagging.

Almond oil:

If you want to improve growth of your breast cells almond oil is the best technique for this. When you regularly applied almond oil you may observe tremendous result after a span of 8 to 10 weeks.

Clove Oil:

I think everyone have this ingredient in their kitchen. This is very beneficial to enhance your breast size when you follow proper massaging technique. Just mix clove oil with ginger both together give best result rather than using alone.

Fenugreek oil:

Fenugreek is the best among all oils when you use this it will expand the skin that is present around your breast and enlarge your breast size. But if you want best results just mix egg yolk with 3 tablespoon of fenugreek. Apply this mixture over your breast before going to bed.

Primrose oil:

This oil benefits both internally and externally. It also promotes health and helps to prevent sagging.

Benefits of massaging:

  • When you massage your breast it will make your breast firmer and protect your breast from sagging.
  • Helps you to Improve Lymphatic System
  • When you massage by using proper technique it may release unwanted toxin from your breasts.
  • Massaging will also enhance Contours of Breasts.
  • It will also reduce the chances of breast cancer.
  • The best benefit of massaging is you can get bigger breast.
  • Massage will also improve blood circulation system.
  • Feel attractive, sexier and more confidence in yourself.

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With proper massaging technique you will get attractive and sexy bust. Most of the women’s give up too soon after seeing no result so our advice is not losing your patience because it takes time for good results. You don’t have need to depend on only one massage you can change your massage daily don’t know which massage benefits you. Please be faithful to you and adopt this technique at least for 6 months. But if you want to take supplements along with massage nothing to worry it is safe.

Regular massage basically triggers to produce prolactin this is the hormone which develop at the time of puberty and pregnancy. But keep in mind do not massage your breast with full energy because breast tissue are very sensitive so you need to take proper care. Trust us whenever you go outside you forget to feel insecure about your breast size and it is the best feeling in the world!..

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