The Best Oils to Use for Breast Enhancement Massage

As we all know women’s figure plays an important role in her overall personality and looks. So when we talk about women’s personality what first comes to your mind obviously “Her breasts “right! But what when your breast size is small? And you do all the best possible things for your breast enhancement. Don’t lose hope as you can try The Best Oils for Breast Enhancement Massage. Massaging is an integral part in the life of a woman and when you know the exact technique of massaging then time is not so far from getting bigger or perfect size breasts.

Way to massage your breast:

Massaging actually helps because it stretches your breasts tissues and increases blood circulation to make your boost bigger and fuller. For Massaging you can use lots of oils such as almond oil, olive oil or other natural oils. Go for at least 300 circular rubs before going to bed at night or you can also massage right after your shower.

Techniques you can use while massaging:

Choose oil:

There are lots of natural oils present in the market that you can use on your breasts. These oils prevent your breasts from sagging and make them bigger. Make sure use all oils only to get confirmation which fit best on your skin.

Warm hands:

Before starting you massage rub oil in your hands together vigorously until you feel warm.

Rub your breasts:

Place your warm hands over your breast and start rubbing your hands inward in circular motions. Move your hand in such a way that direction of your right-hand will be clockwise and left-hand moves counter- clockwise. Massage you breast until you completed 200-300 rotations. Don’t be so much harsh towards your breast as it is very delicate part of your body is gentle, yet firm.

Repeat this process twice daily:

To achieve best results massage your breasts twice in a day one in morning and another at night. Regular massage for 30 days definitely going to give you amazing results so doesn’t give up between these time periods be regular.

Useful oils for breast Massage:


Olive Oil:

Olive Oil

Olive oil is superb oil that has lots of benefits for the hair, body, and skin. Olive oil contains Vitamins and Omega fatty acids apply olive oil on your both the breasts in circular motion. Regular messaging not only increases your breast size but also make your skin firm and soft. Try to do this for 10-15 minutes. Take olive oil and Start massaging your breast from outside and moving toward the inside of the breast.

Almond Oil:

Almond Oil
Almond oil has magical properties to increase the size of the breast. Almond is loaded with minerals and vitamins. It actually improves new cell growth in the region on regular messaging of 10 weeks. If possible apply little lukewarm almond oil for better results. This increase blood circulation and flushes out all toxins as well as increase breast size.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil
Coconut is a good moisturizer and it is effective on stretch marks even if you have stretch marks on breasts due to pregnancy or weight gain whatever be the reason. Most people use coconut oil to balance their hormones and it is true that coconut oil does affect your hormone in a positive way.

Fenugreek Oil:

Fenugreek Oil
This is another effective oil to increase bust size. Fenugreek is a natural ingredient that packed with lots of benefits. On Massaging it expands the skin near your breasts and enlarges your breast naturally. You can apply this oil at night before going to bed and it will give positive results within 4-5 weeks. You can also do one thing Mix the yolk of an egg along with 3 tablespoons of this oil and apply over your breasts.

Clove oil:

Clove oil
Many people recommend that clove oil is essential for breast enlargement. This oil works best when mixed with extracts of ginger. Rub clove oil in a circular motion and see the results in just 8 to 10 weeks. Apart from that Clove has anti-inflammatory properties and is helpful to cure swelling and redness and any kind of aches and pains in the breasts.

Primrose oil:

Primrose oil
This is a good essential oil which is filled with both internally and externally. This oil not only enhances your bust size but also effective to treat other women’s problems. If your skin is too delicate then don’t use it directly mix it with other oils such as olive oil, almond oils. It also prevents your breast from sagging and also firms the skin.

Soybean oil:

Soybean oil
Seeds of Soybean can be used for various purposes at home and among all its uses; it is also used to enhance your bust size because it has the ability to increase estrogen level in your breasts. According to studies if one can consume a handful of soybean on a regular basis. Its effects are very quick as compared to oil.

Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba Oil
This is most widely used oil as Jojoba packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and omega7-9. Jojoba will not clog your pores as its composition is similar to our sebum.

Wheat Gram oil:

Wheat Gram oil
This oil is used in both cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies to make beauty and skin care products. Wheat Gram oil contains Vitamin E which is useful to reduce aging process and also moisturize your skin thoroughly. If you fed up in doing all things for breast enlargement and now it seems unrealistic goal to you then it’s time to reconsider wheat gram oil. Just you need to take a Massage on your breasts and see the results within a month.

Avocado oil:

Avocado oil

This is best known to soothing and moisturizing your breasts. This is another ingredient that will help in increasing breast size apart from this; it can also useful to treat breast cancer. So massage your breasts in the proper way to get its benefits.

Natural Breast enhancement massage takes time so, it needs lots of patience but is permanent treatment because breast massage sends growth hormones straight to your breasts and is the main reason behind increasing your breast. Try to use different -2 oils on your skin just to make sure which oil is best fitted for your skin. All above-given oils are natural and no side effects.

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