9 Super foods that will helps you to Increase your Breast Size.

Ladies do you want perfect, large, firm and round breasts? How silly we are asking this question– obvious your answer is a big “yes”. Everyone in this judgmental world wants to look perfect. If you have been upset and unhappy with your smaller bust size and you may think that having bigger breast is impossible to get and you just have to accept whatever your size is—Than you might be one of those women who are looking for solutions to get bigger bust size but without any side effects or going through any cosmetic surgery because this procedures are very expensive and have unpleasant side effects besides fake looking busts right! Well we have a simple and effective solution of your problem —– we have good news for you regarding increasing your bust size as they can be achieved naturally. Breast enhancement techniques can be easily found in your kitchen! Natural breast enhancement methods may seem like a joke but it’s not. 

Hey ladies……..why you were lost in thoughts……we sure you were thinking that does food really help in making your breasts bigger? Am I right! To understand this question first you have to include following list of foods in your daily routine. Actually foods boosting the levels of estrogen in the body if extreme testosterone is one of the factors of your smaller bust size. Believe us if you are going to consume right diet it will surely strengthens the breast and make them attractive.

9 Super foods that will helps you to Increase your Breast Size.

Following are the list of some Super foods for your breast enlargement:



One of the tips for bigger breast size to remember is to include soya in our diet as it is considered as super food which is rich source of phytoestrogens hormone therefore it is considered as most effective food to enhance your breast size. Beside from increasing your breast size it may be helpful to fight the free radicals and cancer cells that might be grow in breast tissue because it is packed with rich isoflavones.



This is considered as most potent source for breast enlargement. Milk containing breast vitamins and hormones such as such as estrogen,progesterone, and prolactin . Generally cow’s milk is best because it contain ample amount of both female and male reproductive hormones.


Sea Food

When question comes to get bigger breast size seafood considered as dynamic food. Some good source of seafood is shell fish, seaweed, prawns and oysters because it is very helpful to stimulate your sex hormones due to presence of Manganese. You can consume this food to increase growth of your breast tissue.

Green leafy vegetables:

Green Leafy Veggetables

Do you want bigger breast? Do you want to look attractive? Yes why not you can do this with green leafy vegetables. Along with phytoestrogens vegetables are also rich source of calcium, iron and antioxidants which is perfect for the look of breasts and also they have capacity to balance hormones of reproductive organs. The best foods that are potent for the growth of your breast are Spinach, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Kale, and other green leafy vegetables. It has one more benefit that they reduce the production of testosterone hormone which is a male hormone and allow estrogen to produce which is female hormone. Amazing right! Mothers always tell us that eating a healthy diet comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables will definitely make you healthy. How correct she is isn’t it.



If you want Firm and large size breast without any surgery then don’t think too much just include nuts in your daily diet such as cashew, Walnuts, peanuts and pecan. These nuts along with phytoestrogens are rich in Protein and fats that will surely help you to enhance your breast size. Did you know nuts are also a potent for heart and brain? Great right! You can kill two birds with one stone



Taking decision of consuming herbs is the best way decision to increase your bust size naturally. Below we provide you some list of herbs:

Pueraria Mirifica:

You can’t believe but this herb develops almost 80% of breast size. This herb contain phytoestrogens which control and balance hormone level in female and give healthy development of the breast. These herbs are easily available in market in creams, tablets, oral, gels and soaps

Saw Palmetto:

This herb distribute ample amount of fat to the breast due to which they look larger than their previous shape. Just start to drink 2 or 3 cup of saw palmetto tea daily for few months.

Wild yam:

This herb is rich in phytoestrogens which play an important role for breast enlargement.

Fennel leaves:

Fennel leaves are very effective for breastfeeding moms .These fennel herb promotes fat tissue and develop milk ducts among females.



Get bigger bust with meat …..But if you are vegetarian that we are really sorry because this tip is not for you, but it is good news for non vegetarian ones. You can consume lean meat and whey meet both are rich source of proteins.



Seeds are aid in the enhancement of your breasts. You can add some sees such as anise seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. You can use these weeds while cooking or just topping them over your snakes or smoothies.

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According to researchers your bust growth occurs during puberty, if you really want to increase your breast size you faithfully start including above given foods tips .Especially those food that boost you’re your immune system and those that are rich in estrogen and phytoestrogens and reduces testosterone as described above.

Now you are clear with the questions that arise in your mind like how can you get bigger bust without surgery? You can surely do this by consuming above given miracle foods. Don’t you happy now because they save lots of money that you going to spend on surgeries and also they are safe as they do not have side effects even they help you to resolve other medical problems too. This is Fact that Breast enlargement is only increased when you eat foods that are rich in estrogen, phytoestrogen, prolactin and human growth hormone.

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